A downloadable arcade classic for Windows

Blast through aliens to forge a path for humanity to build a new home.

Following the destruction of Earth humanity has escaped to the cosmos and is seeking out a new place to call home, but supplies are dwindling. The sudden discovery of Elysium, which seems perfectly suited for human life, appears to be a gift from God, but the planet is covered in strange, space faring alien creatures who will fiercely defend it. You, humanity's ace pilot, have been selected to clear a way for the last remnants of your race to land, even at the cost of these aliens.

You can download the base game for free or pay $0.99 to download a DX version of the game, with extras including:

  • Endless mode.
  • Palette swapping.
  • A manual in PDF and JPEG formats.

In order to make the best games I possibly can, I need your support, and any that you can give is greatly appreciated!


  • Select: Z/A
  • Shoot: X/B
  • Move: Arrow keys/Left analogue stick
  • Reset: R/Y
  • Quit: Q/Back
  • Pause/Play: Escape/Start


Contains music from Three Red Hearts (https://tallbeard.itch.io/three-red-hearts-prepare-to-dev) by Benjamin Burnes under the Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 International License.


Spaceship 20XX Installer.exe 46 MB
Spaceship 20XX Zip.zip 33 MB
Spaceship 20DX Installer.exe 46 MB
Spaceship 20DX Zip.zip 33 MB
Spaceship 20XX Manual PDF.pdf 41 kB
Spaceship 20XX Manual JPEG.zip 464 kB

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