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The Elementalist is a hardcore action platformer where you must harness the power of the elements in order to defeat the Armies of Darkness, restore the Kingdom of Reprobi, and return to paradise.


Each level drops you into a single screen arena with enemies pouring in from multiple entry points. You must use the correct element to defeat them, or you will find yourself overwhelmed and unable to continue on your journey.

Fire will defeat earth, earth will defeat water, and water will defeat fire, and you must carefully consider which element you are using to defeat the enemies in each level.

The arrows indicate which element defeats which other.


After a year of exile from the White City, home of the mages, the Elementalist Vos seeks redemption and the end of his sentence from the Lord Mage Motus, and is thus tasked with the extermination of the Armies of Darkness which have swept over the once peaceful kingdom of Reprobi. Accompanied by the lucky spirit Comes, Vos will learn the story of how the kingdom came to fall from what remains of its inhabitants as he attempts to defeat its invaders.

Coming soon...

The game will release on 21st April for $4.99.


The game can be completed in about 1 hour for a first time player. If you feel that you're being cheated for an hour of content at a price point $4.99, keep in mind that the game also features an endless mode and customiseable difficulty settings. If that still hasn't convinced you this game is worth the money, then you are not obligated to buy it in the slightest.


The Elementalist Installer 1_0_2.exe 31 MB
The Elementalist Zipped 1_0_2.zip 17 MB

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