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VIP: Seeds of Sin is a top-down action game, where you, a demonic bodyguard short on work, must protect rare and endangered plants of an old druid from harm by denizens of hell, like slugs and bugs.

You must keep all Very Important Plants alive.

With an array of metal powers at your disposal and the aid of plants with strange capabilities, defend your leafy greens! Don't forget to complete your chores!!

Q ability - HELLRAISER - Spawn a bucket turret that fires leaves! Helpful to place around VIPs.
E ability - DEVIL GUN MODE - Use a hose for big damage on enemies, or to water your flowers! Flowers may also spring into a helpful venus fly trap that will add some defences.
Z ability - SATAN'S BREATH - Spray down a LOT of garlic to slow enemies. (Seriously, slugs don't like garlic, because they're vampires!)

TAB - shows/hides your chores

WASD - Moves our demon bodyguard pal around.
LMB - Do a little slash with your pitchfork-turned-rake!!

Complete all chores and survive at least 3 waves to win! You'll be doing a lot of running. As is the life of our demon bodyguard friend.


Harry Petch - Programming & Writing

Elizabeth Orji-Smith - Art & Writing

Morgan Brown - Programming

Allen Rutledge (@Allen101110) - Demon Beefcake Voice Actor

Jordan Han - Programming, Sound Design, & Music Composition


VIP.zip 17 MB


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Cool idea with all the conflicting goals. The game's a bit buggy at times but I think that's just a consequence of it being so ambitious. It would be interesting to see this concept refined and fleshed out into a more complete work. Nice 👍